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Online Quran Services is an Online Quran School established since 2012. We are providing online Quran classes that are suitable for the whole family specially one of the best online Quran classes for kids. Our Quran tutors are ready to help students and to teach Quran online to the students who want to learn Islam and Quran online. We have developed extensive Quran courses for you and your kids basic islamic education. Our online Quran tutors utilize unique learning tools, and combine both ancient and modern methods for online Quran classes. Learn fundamental teachings of Islam and Tajweed-ul-Quran (Pronunciation) online through our innovative Islamic courses and experience it for yourself and for your kids.

Our Courses


It is obligatory of every Muslim to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed rules. We have designed very easy online Quran Reading Course for kids and adults of all ages and genders. This course is designed for students who have just completed Noorani Qaida course and can read Quran but are not fluent in reading and want to improve their reading skills.
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Noorani Qaida Course is a fundamental or basic course that is taught by our online tutors using Noorani Qaida syllabus which is used in all over the world because of its easy and understandable exercises. We have designed a special  Online Noorani Qaida Course for kids and adults (male and females) with the help of experienced online Noorani Qaida Tutors. It is first step for beginners to learn Quran.
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Hifz is the memorization of the Quran. We have arranged memorization of Quran Course for kids and adults (male and females) with our online Hifz e Quran tutors. Our course is for all ages and genders. Some parents think that memorizing the Quran with the rules of Tajweed is very difficult but it is not the case. It’s very easy. You just need to concentrate on your lesson and it gradually leads you to the final destination. We provide you best quran memorization services.The higher the memorization, the greater the psychological boost.
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QURAN SERVICES ONLINE is providing its services as an online Islamic School. We have designed Islamic Studies for Kids Course for the students who want to know basics of Islam. All Muslim children need to learn the fundamental basics of Islam. How should we live and how to avoid sin to live a pure life. Quran Services Online makes it possible for a Muslim family to come and learn the Quran and understand Islam. We are accessible from any part of the world and majority of our students are from USA, Canada, UK, Singapore.
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This course is designed for the students who can read Quran but want to improve their reading skills with proper pronunciation (Tajweed). This course will provide practice in order to enhance student’s confidence while applying tajweed rules which were taught in basic Qaida level course. One of the main principles of fluent Quranic reading is repetition and lot of practice. Basic tajweed rules will be covered along with reading practice By this Tajweed Quran course your recitation skills imporved.
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We have designed translation of Quran Course for male and female students who want to learn to translate Quran with the help of experienced online Quran tutors. Our course is for all ages and genders. Some parents think that learning translation is very difficult, but it is not the case. It’s very easy. You just need to concentrate on meanings and it gradually leads you to the final destination. We will teach with grammar rule in this Quran translation course. This course helps you to understand Quran.
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There is no registration fee to get registered.

5 days Free trial classes are given before regular Quran classes.

Affordable monthly fee with NO long term contract.


1- on- 1 live Quran class.

Personal Quran teacher deals with individual student in the class.

Complete attention is given on single student.


On demand class timings are given.

Student can pick time of the class according to his/her convenience.

If some one can’t come on time then different time will be given.

Relation & SERVICE

Direct contact with parents..

Give and take feed back of classes.

The registration process of Quran Services Online is simple. You do not have to go through a lot of formalities to get registered and take online Quran classes for kids and adults. The first thing you have to do is schedule an appointment with us. To schedule an appointment, you have to fill-up the form or contact us by calling us directly. Moreover, you will find our chatting agent live on the website 24/7 to assist you with your admission. After choosing your course, you will be provided with one week of trial classes with your online Quran tutor.

There are a lot of reasons why it is better to learn the Quran online than going to a madrasa. First of all, learning Quran online is convenient, fast, and very productive. Learning Quran Online is the best way of acquiring skills to read the Quran without even stepping out of your home. You will find more qualified and capable teachers at Quran Services Online, which you will not find in a madrasa. The most significant convenience you will get in online Quran classes for kids and adults is the flexibility of timings. You can learn to read Quran online according to your availability. Moreover, we offer you a discount on the admission of multiple students.

A proper understanding between the teacher and the students is essential to learn how to read the Quran online. If you do not understand the teacher properly, it becomes challenging to learn the Quran. But you will no longer face this problem after hiring Quran Services Online. We offer one week of trial classes to our students to help them to understand our system of online Quran teaching. These classes are entirely free of cost. The primary purpose of these classes is to help you know the teacher and our teaching system.