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About Quran Reading Course

It is obligatory of every Muslim to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed rules. We have designed very easy online Quran Reading Course for kids and adults of all ages and genders. This course is designed for students who have just completed Noorani Qaida course and can read Quran but are not fluent in reading and want to improve their reading skills. Quran Reading course will provide practice in order to enhance student’s confidence while applying methods which were taught in Qaida course. Our teacher will ensure that student finishes the full Quran reading course on time.

Course Structure

• Class Type: One-to-One
• Class Duration: 25-30 minutes
• Age Level: Atleast 5 Years
• Prerequisite: Noorani Qaida Course
• Course Period: According to student’s ability
• Gender: Both Male/Female
• Languages: Urdu / English

Quran Reading Course Outline

• Quran recitation with proper Arabic accent.
• Recitation fluently.
• How letters combine in Quran.
• How long harakaat should be stretched.
• Places where, recitation should be stopped or continued.
• Apply rules of Izhar, Ikhfa, Idgham and Iqlab.
• Apply rules of ghunna,qalqala and non e qutni.
• Quran Reading from Surah Al-fatiha till Surah Annas.


Student is required to know makharij of Arabic letters and how to join and read Arabic words and must have knowledge of vowels, sukoon, madd, tanween and shaddah. If you don’t know, You just need to go through the Basic Noorani Qaida Course first and then you can start Quran Reading.

After going through this course, students become able to read the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation.

Build up a life long relationship with Quran.